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Like any writer who has been paid for their work, I have some issues with blogs–how they can be used to sell a writer, and how its writing off the cuff for free. Doesn’t necessarily strike me as a meritocracy (but what is?) and unedited rambling starts here.

I feel like I have to start my blog by pointing out what I adamantly won’t write about; in that way, showing what I want my blog to be about. Like any moderately paid freelance writer, I’m somewhat wary of the internet for a couple of reasons. Mainly due to the fact that they’re killing newspapers and I love newspapers and want to write for them. I’ve been reading them since I was six. They’re a big part of my life. I’ve been privy to some flailing around from the industry, and mostly from a freelancer’s perspective, but I can’t see the newspaper’s dire straits improving.

Here’s the thing, newspapers: a) why don’t you charge for RSSing your content on highly traffic-ed websites? b) And here’s a question-has the news media perhaps lost authority with the general public considering the lack of, um, another Woodward-Bernstein with this current administration? Fair question. I suspect that may have been the point where they lost credibility with the youth. Possibly. Considering when I was in high school, the soft-core Starr Report was being published in the paper. Just theories, however: I don’t know.

Anyways, here’s what I want to accomplish with my blog. I want to have an online outlet for some unedited thoughts. An outlet where I can play around with ideas, obsessions, and passions.

I don’t want to get too personal on this blog.  The internet is forever.

I need to get my various writing credits together on one online outlet. A virtual resume. I have a lot of writing credits. Some of them, however, aren’t on the web yet. Pre-internet, post-internet.

Fashion blogs, personal blogs, gawker-media empire blogs are all fun (and Nick Denton, I’ll gladly take a job! Make Idolator into a fun, sexy and much page-viewed time! Worry my little beads over New York media!) but I mostly want to photoblog.

And when I say photoblog, that’s merely photoblogging about stuff. Probably just signs. I like taking pictures of signs.


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