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Her next move

Here’s a piece I wrote on wizard rock for Salon. It’s one of my favorite pieces and I’m proud of my work on it, since it was really exciting to delve into this world of creativity. People loving things can be really inspiring. It was a neat article to have out in the world–it was mentioned by Boing Boing and The Huffington Post and that was very nice.

In other news, I’m trying to figure out my next move. It’s very hard to reconcile having to make money with having a yen for the arts and creativity. Watch this turn into a finances blog! I love finance blogs, actually. Very important!

The other day I was thinking about Will Smith, looking up “Parents Just Don’t Understand” on youtube, and he was so charismatic, even as a novelty-rap teenager. It’s really strange, too, how he had this relatively successful, Grammy winning career as a rapper, went bankrupt, got a sitcom, parlayed that into being a huge movie movie star, and is now doing Oscar bait, all the while still releasing albums that went along with his movies. When hip hop was becoming the mainstream in all its contradictions, Smith was still arguably one of the biggest rappers in the world for while doing profantity-free! theme songs to Men In Black, Wild Wild West, and writing “Getting Jiggy With It.” It’s a really strange story! I’d love to see a better writer than I tackle it in fiction. It would make a fantastic, epic book. His last couple of releases, which I’m sure have flopped, have been sort of laughable attempts to keep up with the kids.

This youtube skit is actually really, really, funny. The raps are surprisingly good! Nothing else this kid has done is that rad, though:

Last thought on Will Smith–he’s sort of like Frank Sinatra’s other and opposite, right? Charismatic musician cum Academy Award nominee/winner. Thing is, though, you’d rather see Smith in a movie and Frankie would soundtrack your life. Weird, though.


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