The Life of an Ascetic

I had to give up coffee recently, cold-turkey, thanks to some worrying health issues. Last night, between getting up at 6AM to drive someone to the airport and staying out late dancing for Halloween, I had to break. I needed caffeine and I went with a latte at 8PM. It tasted like chocolate.

This morning I realized that if that was my last latte for the last couple of months, I should probably follow it up with at least a provisional inspection of the lattes at the super hip new cafe next door. I had one with my awesome bagel for breakfast at noon. My last coffee for the foreseeable future. It was fantastic. Bring on the headaches!

Maybe one of the reasons that Halloween rules is that if everyone’s in costume, there goes some of the everyday judgment that you have to deal with socially. People are mostly shy.  It’s easier to say hi to people when they’re dressed up as Dorothy or a sexy pirate. I had to leave the dance party last night once the costumes started getting Hostel-freaky.

Bands (and albums) that make me like music right now:

Modest Mouse “The Lonesome Crowded West” In livejournal parlance, that would mean my mood is akin to Isaac Brock yelling “Goddamm!”

The Thermals. I looove them, I luff them. I saw them play and Hutch was dressed up as Hunter S. Thompson and watching them cover “Big Dipper” while he was dressed somewhat absurdly, wearing a cowboy shirt, cowboy hat, shades, and an American flag draped over his shoulder was pretty much perfect.

Even though I’m very burnt out with music, Okkervil River and Shearwater still floor me, knock me sideways. Thank god for good art.

I’ve been in a punk rock mood, looking for bands that aren’t trying to seduce me, whose vocals are the equivalent of someone tugging on your sleeve. It’s been a fun couple of weeks of going to shows where jumping up and down is required. Bands like the What Cheer? Brigade make me feel drunk when I’m sober. Bouncing and bumping into the masses can be awfully refreshing.  Life affirming, even.  Dancing. Jumping up and down. Who knew?


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