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I sent in an application for Health Care two weeks ago, mostly under duress, and mostly due to my boyfriend asking me to.  It’s not something that I would necessarily want at this time, since I am under the gun enough money-wise that an additional whatever a month for something that may not be utilized is truly frustrating.  This year, my taxes fall into a completely different bracket, so I’ve had to cull together my resources to figure out what I owe and what I fall under.  This in itself has been quite the learning process.  Finally, Excel has a purpose!

Regarding my general opinion on the importance of Health Care, however, yes, I know it’s a stupid and not particularly responsible opinion.  But I am young, with all that implies!

Additionally, my state said that they will officially start instigating tax penalties if you don’t have health care by November 15th.  I sent in my paperwork two weeks before.  I have been expecting a phone call, an email, or a postcard so that I can discuss what my income is and where I should fall under for heath care.  Haven’t heard anything for the past two weeks.

Today, I tried calling any number of the numbers offered on the state health care website.  Number one, after listening to 15 minutes of automated voices telling me obvious things, led me to a number that supposedly led to a person, but it really leads to a message.  I called the other number.  That number told me to call the number I had called previously if I wanted to talk to a person.  I called another number, and I thought I had gotten to a person, but then it hung up on me.

In my frustration, I emailed my friend who knows about health care who can maybe put me in touch with a person.  We’ll see.  I figured this would be a good thing to track insofar as it’s my story, my reflection of this “experiment” that will end up having ramifications all over the country.

So far, however: way to take freelancers into account, state.  Way to give me the impression you’re on top of things.  I know people who are very qualified, idealistic future policy wonks who have the experience and expertise to make this particular program better and easier to navigate, and yet they have been losing out on job opportunities to 40 year olds with “more experience.”  Honestly, it’s ridiculous.  A program like this could stand to have some fresh energy behind it.  And at the least, it should be easy to talk to a person if you have questions.

It should be a single payer plan.  It’s a shame private companies and middlemen have screwed this up for people.  People.  Women who need to get ladyparts checked up.  Women who may err towards being hypochondriacs.  Thank god for what I can get from Planned Parenthood (and it’s generally a valuable resource for ladies), but this situation is ridiculous.

If any politician or wonk wants to contact me, I’m not that hard to find.  I know people who can fix your health care and I have experience dealing with what’s going on in this program.

At the least, the execution is convoluted enough to be a great argument against Mitt Romney’s stupid campaign.


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