Health Care 2

Last Wednesday, I talked to a woman from Health Care for All who said that I was in the system.  She said if I hadn’t heard anything by next week, then I should call them back and check in.  So I’m currently waiting.

Other than health care, there’s more interesting things to talk about.  One lovely memory from this year was my trip to Montreal with Stu.  The day we drove up north, we were waylaid by a fairly terrifying storm on 89, and we spent that night in a great B+B in New Hampshire.  Purposely quaint B+Bs are so kinky in some ways.  The guestbook always says something to the point of “this was the first night we spent together as Mr. and Mrs. Shawn O’Connor!”  Ha.

Because of our snow-delay, the next day we cruise up 89 in beautiful weather.  In order to go to an Ice Cider farm in Canada, Stu takes the car on a route that goes through the Lake Champlain islands.  A road winds through them.  On that day, you saw road, farms, land that spilled into the lake.  It was all snow-covered and white against the blue sky.  I can’t imagine living there without dying of boredom, or perhaps I could settle there in Saul Bellow legend-years, who knows?

PS.  I know I promised pictures.  They’re coming, hopefully!  I just need to spend some more time on this website.  I can’t see it quite happening yet.


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