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Health Care 2008-style

As a self-employed person, I called about three different numbers to talk to three different people about how I can be fully enrolled in the health care program in Massachusetts. Because it turns out that since this is my first year of being self-employed, I have to put together a quarterly income/losses report and then I need to mail that to the state. I guess I have to do that this weekend.

This process has been really frustrating and I’ve been putting it off since I knew it was going to be a slog. It makes me ineffectually angry as well. I think Massachusetts could benefit from a separate office concerning self-employed people or small businesses looking for health care. Calling a number where the nice girl reads off a paper and can’t really explain what you need to do doesn’t help my quest.

Economic circumstances change on a regular bass for the self-employed.  I would hope the state can take that into consideration.  I have my doubts!


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Tom Tomlinson (not your real name), I wanted on

In the vault of personal history, there’s nothing sweeter (somewhat sadder) than the mix-CD never-sent. I found one the other day sitting around in my mess of blank and unused CDS. Decided to listen to it while in the car with Stu. It’s a pretty funny time capsule of April 2005, how a girl wanted (badly) to have this particular boy, Tom Tomlinson, as a boyfriend, while simultaneously establishing her cool credibility and impeccable taste. I’d upload it for the curious, but alas, it’s far too scratchy and beat up to garner any worth on the internet.

1. Calexico w/ Nicolai Dunger “Alone Again Or” (Love cover)–Start it out with a bam! Something that sounds familiar, like an old letter written years ago. But instead of the super 60s version, make it mariachis fronted by a wheezy Swedish dude. Bonus points for the fact that it’s a cover of a song prominently featured in my favorite movie Bottle Rocket, one that this boy Tom Tomlinson would have to see in the inevitable trajectory of our relationship. After all, I owned the poster for it since I was 16. And I had it on Dub Video Dub and VHS and if those didn’t work, I could just recite the film for him. Or do a damm good Owen Wilson impression, one that I haven’t stopped doing my whole life. I dodged the Massachusets accent, but the Owen Wilson drawl is a real problem.

2. Soltero “Fight Song For True Love”–This is a funny song since his voice sounds so old, tired, and wizened, but he’s talking about being a wuss at a protest, afraid of “Boston’s finest” police, admiring the brave girl he loves. It is obviously a brave metaphor for what will be our future relationship, where I am brave and in love and you, Tom Tomlinson, can only admire it. Gentle reader, if you want to read the secret history of all 21 songs through this admittedly indulgent exercise there’s more here: Continue reading

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I love you and I want you to be happy

Play this in a loop all day:

Got a letter from the state. Have to call them and give them proper proof of my income and then we’ll talk about health care.

Bonus points: an entirely-too optimistic article from The Phoenix on the Gilmore Girls’ Season 6 premiere. I was watching Normal Adolescent Behavior the other day and thinking that if, perchance, an actress like Amber Tamblyn was playing Rory (and lord knows she probably tried out, I would think), despite the show’s faulty writing of the last couple of seasons, it may have sustained a little bit more soul.  Alexis Bledel’s snarly “I don’t care” attitude worked nicely with early smart-girl Rory, but as her character grew and failed and did stupid things, Bledel’s shoddy acting only made you hate the character more, which meant that there was more writing where characters would say, “Oh Rory, you’re so great, you hang the moon!”

From what I’ve read of Amber Tamblyn, she’s a very smart woman who exudes intelligence on-screen.  I think she could’ve done something interesting with floundering drop-out newspaper editor Rory.  Normal Adolescent Behavior, by the way, is a really interesting failure of a film.

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