Health Care 2008-style

As a self-employed person, I called about three different numbers to talk to three different people about how I can be fully enrolled in the health care program in Massachusetts. Because it turns out that since this is my first year of being self-employed, I have to put together a quarterly income/losses report and then I need to mail that to the state. I guess I have to do that this weekend.

This process has been really frustrating and I’ve been putting it off since I knew it was going to be a slog. It makes me ineffectually angry as well. I think Massachusetts could benefit from a separate office concerning self-employed people or small businesses looking for health care. Calling a number where the nice girl reads off a paper and can’t really explain what you need to do doesn’t help my quest.

Economic circumstances change on a regular bass for the self-employed.  I would hope the state can take that into consideration.  I have my doubts!


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