Band that you may have forgotten about/never gotten into: Beulah. Utilize that emusic 50 songs free deal and download every song. It’s worth it. (Besides, I’m pretty sure the cds are out of print. Thanks emusic!) Sublime pop music with cranky neurotics at the forefront. The song I’m currently enjoying most, “Popular Mechanics For Lovers” has a great little lyric and Magnetic Fields shout out: “I heard he wrote you a song/ but so what? Some guy wrote 69 and 1 just ain’t enough/and there’s no sense even trying…but all I ever find my love are cliches that don’t rhyme”

then, some glorious oooh-oooh-ooohs. SIGH.

Also, do check out the song “Hey Brother.” It makes me happy because it reminds me of Arrested Development, and the lyric: “you had no choice, you’re moving back east where men are men”


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