I got to sing Built To Spill’s “Big Dipper” while backed up by the Thermals. Life rules.

Unrelated: Pavement were sort of a weirdly personal band for me. Perhaps because I never got to see them live. They remained on my headphones. I interacted with them one-on-one. I liked them, but it took me quite a long time to get them, and by then, they were broken up. Steve Malkmus-foxy man-was one of my first interviews. It was an old email interview for The Weekly Dig. In college, most of my guy friends were sort of worshiping at the Malkmus altar, as far as I could tell. Casually handsome, laconic, smart and lanky and confident.

Gosh, can you imagine being Malkmus’ brand new little girl? Will she have his cheekbones? Will her potential paramours be terrified?

My college friends told me that they all took acid one night, watched Stop Making Sense, and decided to worship David Byrne. But I knew that Malkmus resonated in their hearts as a guy to emulate. Plus, he had that quality of being a honest, dick-ish kind of guy and he gets away with it because he’s pretty and his music is brilliant. The work backs it up. I want to get to the point that I am brilliant enough to be a total dick. Frank. Does it work that way for women? Do you get written off as a bitch? A Cassandra? I know that I’m generally concerned with pleasing people-after all, if I don’t I feel guilty!-and I’d like to learn more from the example of Malkmus.

Overall, Pavement are certainly kind of a cute-guy band for sloppy 90s indie dudes. Mark Ibold has a likable little face and look that reminds me a lot of various players/compatriots/pals orbiting around Boston band Drug Rug. What I like about this video: it’s the last (major?) Pavement video for the last song on their last album. It’s goofy. Brightly colored. The song itself is so Sesame Street, and the video has Pavement dancing awkwardly. It goes together quite nicely. I would say that Pavement are one of my favorite bands; they always have been, really, once I got them.

Oooh, and if you want more laffs, here’s a link to my idolator ballot. I didn’t intend for it to come out so lengthy and garrulous! I just keep thinking that whatever year I write it will invariably be my last year, so I write and it’s fun. I think 2007 was a sensitive, folky year for me thanks many a road trip.


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