We Are Wizards

I had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic dudes working on this documentary, Josh Koury and crew, this summer while researching my article on Wizard Rock and Harry Potter fans. Josh and pals and myself were at a lot of the same shows: I’d be taking furious notes, and they’d be getting excellent action-shots of the bands performing, film where you can practically feel like the band is sputtering on you, like the guitar’s shaking your bones. From what footage I’ve seen on their site, it looks really beautiful. They talked to Brad Neely, who’s a genius. The super-rad and creative kids from The Hungarian Horntails are a focus. They’ve focused on bands, journalists, fan fiction writers, and much more. I’m really curious about how they pull off making fan fiction interesting. (Full disclosure, blah blah, I’m friends with/have worked with people featured in the film. Close knit community, that.) Today it was announced that the documentary is premiering at SXSW in two months. It’s clearly going to be awesome and I can’t wait to see the final product. Who knew that J.K. Rowling’s work could spread DIY culture and unfettered creativity around the world? Congrats, dudes!

Here’s the movie’s website. (Photo from my flickr, from a lovely comic book store in Montreal. It is everything that the comic book store that just opened next to my apartment should be and isn’t. That is why I am happy, I guess, to be leaving the church on March 1st. I will regret, though, not being able to say “I love my apartment. I live in a church.”)


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