Things To Know Part 1

I moved to New York–Brooklyn to be precise (you become what you mock or gently tease)–which is great. I’ve been couch surfing for the past two weeks, I’m in week three, I should have a home by next Tuesday.

1) The new Gutter Twins album is very good. I still couldn’t bring myself to see Fat Greg Dulli live; the clash of the older fatter childhood crush and no-one to make out with post show made it appear like a futile quest for transcendence.

2) If you are living with someone, a significant other, and they move out for reasons happy or sad or what have you, remember this: Don’t stay in the same apartment, even if you love it, for an extra month. It will depress you. It is emotionally wrenching. There are too many ghosts.

3) Trains! Trains are amazing. I want to take a train across America. Stunning views, cutting a swath through land, seeing junkyard tracks and ocean bay views and poverty and wealth and abandoned houses and abandoned castles. A train has good leg room, your luggage is nearby, and the views are breathtaking. Subsidize trains more, government!

4) Massachusetts, one big reason that I moved out was due to the health care plan. FYI. I still love you.

5) Shotgun Stories is an excellent film. Seek it out.

6) It’s very strange when two different strangers inform you that they saw you in a video. A half-second shot. I don’t know what to think about that.

7) I haven’t seen the sun shine in Troy, NY yet. The buildings in the downtown are beautiful. Old early 1900s edifices, large and imposing and reflecting Troy’s glory in its set up. Now Troy is depressed, a city abandoned to ghosts. Bad paintings of Uncle Sam (who came from there) are everywhere. It’s probably lovely in the summer.

I have to be quick. I’d like to write a tribute to my old amazing apartment.  I miss it, but Southern directors are waiting and I’m sleepy.


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