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A career with a future

When Dan Rather takes your hand, it is a benediction. Straight-on eye contact, grasping your hand, placing his spare hand on top, blessing you.

The Moviegoer and The Sportswriter are pretty much the same book. Additionally, I am thoroughly relating to the both. The latter has a chapter where the main character conducts an interview, and wow, I’ve been there. Trying to connect, can’t connect, someone’s an open wound.

What does that mean for state of mind?


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Ever irrationally hate a state?

I’ve never been a big proponent of Florida: have had historically bad luck with friends from Florida, have spent embarrassing time in foreign countries watching American films about the depravity and callous youth of Florida, have more suspicion about Florida due to shows like Dexter.

That being said, I’m going to Key West in two weekends or so for an event. Alone, taking small planes, freaking out about possible panic attacks. I know Ernest Hemingway’s house is down there, I’ve been making lots of palm tree doodles on notebooks, drawing an old man in the sea fishing for martinis. It’s how I get by. I wouldn’t ever choose to go to Florida. Not when there’s better states in the union.

There are two things on my agenda when I get back:

1) get a bike (Yay!)

2) do my 2007 taxes (that too!)

I’m going to be blogging about the Tribeca Film Festival in earnest for the next two weeks. Regular posting at this location should start on Friday or so.

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