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Where you lead

My mood lately= very Gilmore Girls. I miss that show! When I have the time I want to write about the sad evolution of Rory.

I would really like, though, to have a nice cozy house in an adorably small town. Right now. That’s been my mood for the past month. Maybe because I haven’t spent a proper weekend in New York for the past four weeks? Or the fact that I would like things to get a little more settled down so that life can feel as cheesy as Capra-corn, soft as a pretty Sondre Lerche song from Dan In Real Life.

The Lady Killigrew is a magical place, by the way. I love it there.


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Remember Okkervil River?

I still really like them.

Signs I’m wildly overtired: This performance got me weepy. Lots of Okkervil River memories in my life, very pleasant ones. If I had to put it in terms relative to the last album, it’s like they’ve been the special guest band in the TV series that is my life. Metaphorically. Like they’re always playing the Peach Pit? Or they’re Buffalo Tom in that My So Called Life episode? This is a weak overtired metaphor. But it’s kind of true.

Additionally: The Wackness could be a huge summer hit, if they market it right. I don’t know if they are. I have some qualms about it, but overall, great movie. I like the director. He said that I could definitely write something on him in the future. Just make sure to tell the press people “we’re homies.” Aw.

Happily, I’m going to a great sounding Shearwater show on Monday. I believe that I will be overtired enough that it will drive me to shaking, shuddering, snotty tears. Weeping. That’s my prediction, at the least.

Occasionally (see “Becky” or “The Kelly Affair”) Be Your Own Pet are the best band ever. Sometimes the lead singer sounds like she’s in Sleater Kinney. I just wish they kept that up!
P.S. Maureen Johnson, Suite Scarlett, it’s delicious.

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