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Summer Jam

Do yourself a favor and go see Jamie Lidell live! I want to be, like one-fifth the handsome, glorious weirdo that man is. Can I move to Berlin, too?


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This is nice

The Bowerbirds

La Blogotheque and the Bowerbirds = sheer summer perfection! And nice, oh-so-french, writing that nails New York: “All there is is warmth, a warmth which blooms thanks to the promiscuity of imbricated bodies, in the discomfort of the places where we are stacked altogether.” I’ve probably mentioned that they’re a really striking, pulchritudinous band before, but if not; seeing them live with some friends, I could’ve sworn that we were all struck by their beauty, but it wasn’t just physical, there’s a calmness to their songs, that implies that their hearts have some sort of warm secret to existence, some knowledge of being true and human and I want to feel that way too.

I haven’t said too much lately. I’ve been going to Montreal and playing “The Hold Steady Drinking Game,” (hint: for b-list city or town, try Belchertown, Massachusetts!) where Stu schooled me, quite rightly, on Craig Finn-style freelancing [ha-I meant “freestyling” but I like the freudian slip]. It felt a little unfair since I’m the lapsed Catholic in the relationship.

I miss things, but it’s probably painfully obvious as to what those things are if you’ve read this blog so far. I noticed that I repeat myself: Often, lately, and very very very much on this blog. Again, it’s really annoying that Stu beat me in the Hold Steady Drinking Game.

I don’t have that much to say for now, in particular, nothing too original, at least in this blog-outlet. I’m going to have to take a summer break for now. I did get a Brooklyn library card last week, which felt wildly empowering. Anything can happen!

P.S. Sherman’s, I still love you: I’m just inherently lazy a lot of the time, (I do wish the article mentioned that Symbol of Gentrification Coffeehouse was next door in winter!) and sometimes former freelancers crave the friendliness/anonymity of cute girls who give you better coffee and remember your soup order, as much as I love your dreamy denizens like Boy Without God (and who wouldn’t, it’s like James McAvoy started a folk side-project!).

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