Note to self


Tomorrow I really need to get started on a to-do list that’s called: How To Be A Better Person (fitter, happier)

The first note on that list?

1) Flossin’ (Prioritizing it, to be frank. Every night!)

And as an addendum to my last post on musical ennui: the exception to the rule, of course, would be punk rock. Thanks to an assist from my boyfriend, Be Your Own Pet (why did you break up?!), The Thermals, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Emily Haines’ solo album are fueling my days quite happily. But I wasn’t lying regarding the need to create – I hear the message world, loud and clear!



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2 responses to “Note to self

  1. I gave up on self-improvement and resolved only to watch more movies this year.

    … I’m not doing a very good job at it.

  2. maggieokay

    oh, if I could share some of my movies with you!