The Ice of Boston


Honestly, I don’t see anything of substance being written here until my wrist feels better. No end of the year wrapups, no meaningful reflections, no hot jams. And that’s okay!

I’m prescribing myself a course of weekly yoga so I feel functional. The first class after nine months, after moving and stressing and starting a job you like but makes you nervous – good lord, I could feel it in my body. Nothing would bend and fold the way I wanted it to.

Some things I learned recently that I would like to reflect on: why Americana photography can read condescending or empathetic, what that means for writing, location, the mystery of location, the tiny little things you have to do so New York is better for your soul and you can function.


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Super fantastic! Harry, a History

Thrilling things: so my friend Melissa Anelli’s book Harry, a History is out and in bookstores! You should buy it because it’s awesome.

Melissa’s an inspiring writer and it’s a lively look at how people’s lives were changed by Harry Potter and Harry Potter fandom, least of all Ms. Anelli and her awesome HP website, The Leaky Cauldron. It made the New York Times bestseller list this Sunday, too, so she’s is a NYT Best Selling author for the rest of her life. A well-deserved congratulations, and there’s a foreword an exclusive interview with J.K. Rowling herself!

I had the chance to contribute some research for the novel and there are also pictures from Stu Sherman. I’m proud to have contributed a smidge to this project.

Also related and awesome: Dear Manhola Dargis, judging by the tone of your We Are Wizards review (now in theaters: go see it, Melissa and the dear Harry and the Potters, Brad Neely, and The Hungarian Horntails all make appearances!) I suspect you read my wizard rock piece (I know it’s all I talk about on this blog, but it’s just been relevant lately, I do write other things), where I talked specifically about how the scene is made up of a heck of a lot of girls in bands? That’s kind of super-exciting, too!

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Note to self


Tomorrow I really need to get started on a to-do list that’s called: How To Be A Better Person (fitter, happier)

The first note on that list?

1) Flossin’ (Prioritizing it, to be frank. Every night!)

And as an addendum to my last post on musical ennui: the exception to the rule, of course, would be punk rock. Thanks to an assist from my boyfriend, Be Your Own Pet (why did you break up?!), The Thermals, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Emily Haines’ solo album are fueling my days quite happily. But I wasn’t lying regarding the need to create – I hear the message world, loud and clear!


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It’s time

I’ve been writing a post in my head for awhile, but I don’t have a ton to say.

– I’ve been having some…ennui, I guess, when it comes to music lately. Nothing’s getting me going, making me feel particularly sparked, alert, alive. And it extends to lots of art, actually. I’ve been thinking about this year and this year has been very much characterized by writers, musicians, filmmakers that I love (Facebook-profile level, I guess) releasing works that I’ve felt really middling about. It’s been total, to the point that it’s clearly a sign: stop following and start creating.

It’s not a bad sign.

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Creepy, beautiful

Video for Emily Haines’ “Our Hell.” Girls named Emily have a certain charm.

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Cool stuff

My Salon piece on Wizard Rock, including bands like Harry and the Potters and The Hungarian Horntails (hee to both, natch) from last year, “For those about to Harry Potter rock, we salute you,” was honorably mentioned in this year’s edition of Da Capo’s Best Music Writing 2008. Always a good read, that book.

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From the Syracuse University Magazine: “In 1939, The Daily Orange’s Elizabeth Donnelly gained widespread attention as one of the country’s first female college newspaper editors. Ironically, less than a decade before, the paper had featured a story that declared college a waste of time for women: “For an average girl who intends to make marriage her chief business, to waste four precious years that ought to be devoted to romantic adventure seems tragic.

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