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Out to lunch


This blog, as it is, isn’t really a priority at the moment.

It’s too bad in some ways, because I get a heck of a lot of hits from Gilmore Girls fans, and living in New York, away from New England, in a state of New England-stalgia, I’ve been thinking a bit about the show, what it means to me, what I’ve learned from it, stuff like that. But I haven’t been thinking about it that much. Enough for a blog post, certainly.

I wanted at one point to list everything I wrote this year, which is as good a biography as any, but I wasn’t that interested.

I like the new year and all the symbolism that comes with it. I had an excellent holiday break. I have found the secret to a grand New Year’s Eve; go to a bed and breakfast with the person you love and dare each other to go outside into the hot tub in subfreezing weather.

I guess the best way to describe how I’m feeling right now, and this can certainly be applied to this website, is transitional.

I’m on the hustle and bustle. I’m going outside.


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